Volunteer with Denver Pagan Pride!

Do you want to find out what happens behind the scenes of Denver Pagan Pride Day, be in the middle of the action, and have everyone think you’re the cat’s meow? Volunteer with us!

Volunteering with Denver Pagan Pride is a great way to meet lots of cool people and get involved with your local Pagan community. The Pagan Pride Project hosts festivals worldwide to raise awareness and understanding of the diversity of Pagan beliefs and practices. Our goal is to eradicate prejudices and misconceptions regarding Paganism, and to foster pride and growth in our individually chosen paths. Be a part of something big and bright!

If you would like to volunteer, please send an email to denverpaganpride@yahoo.com with “Volunteer” as the subject line, and let us know how you would most like to help. Please also include a phone number where we can reach you if necessary.

We need help in the following areas on the day of our festival:

  • Vendor unloading/loading and set-up/breakdown (directing cars, carrying wares and equipment for our less abled vendors, keeping an eye on vendor merchandise during the unloading process, and similar tasks as assigned)
  • Info booth/welcome team (welcoming guests, collecting donations, handing out event program guides, counting attendees)
  • Help Squad (keeping an eye out for vendors and guests who may need assistance throughout the event)
  • Security (unarmed security team to keep alert, monitor activity at the festival, and immediately report any unsafe or suspicious activities to local police or paid security staff as appropriate.)
  • Clean-up crew (keep all festival areas clean and neat, make sure all paths and walking routes through the festival remain free of obstructions, help empty trash cans at the end of the event)
  • Sticker fairies (dress as a fairy in a costume you choose and provide yourself, then walk around the festival giving out stickers to all who ask as part of our Sticker Fairy Scavenger Hunt tradition)

Want to help out BEFORE the big event? We need volunteers for the following:

  • Marketing (distributing flyers and posters, reaching out to groups and individuals who might be interested in our event, designing marketing materials, possible media interactions, etc.)
  • Psychics, readers, and healers (offer free-of-charge readings or other services in conjunction with a fundraising event to be held in September)
  • Performers (offer a free musical or dance performance in conjunction with a fundraising event to be held in September)
  • Planning (come to a meeting and discuss ideas, details, and planning logistics for our festival)

Volunteer today! Email denverpaganpride@yahoo.com

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