Workshops and Rituals: 2017 schedule of events

Denver Pagan Pride Day will feature workshops, rituals, and other offerings from a diverse group of teachers rooted in a wide variety of Pagan practices and traditions. Here are our offerings for our 2017 festival on Sunday, October 1st at Cheesman Park in Denver: See below for detailed descriptions.


Workshop Area 1

Workshop Area 2

Workshop Area 3

Ritual Space

Fun and Games


Opening Ritual with Denver Pagan Pride and Group Photo

Outdoor toys, games, arts and crafts


Journey with Goddesses Meditation with Kimberly Braun

Traditional Witchcraft with Julie Andaverde

Fairy Magic with Puffin

Open Magick Space–anyone can come to the ritual space to work your magick or just chill and meditate

Outdoor toys, games, arts and crafts


Pagan 101 with Andarta

Dragon Meditation with Bobbie Jo Kuhl

The Hellenic Polytheist Ritual Calendar with Ann Hatzakis

A Modern Druid Ritual with Chokecherry Grove, ADF

Children’s Ritual with Maddie


Spirit Animals and Totems with Cody Little Bear

Plants of Hoodoo with Calvin Carter

Meditation and Visualization for Personal Growth with Weston Donaldson

Meet and Greet! Gather here to meet new friends!

Outdoor toys, games, arts and crafts


Adaptive Tarot with the King of Wands

The Witch’s Compass with Hesperides Dracona

Spirit Evocation with Frater Ashen Chassan

Open Magick Space–anyone can come to the ritual space to work your magick or just chill and meditate

Outdoor toys, games, arts and crafts


Elemental Mandala Meditation with Tess Whitehurst

Detoxing from this Reality with Amber Zeta

Intro to Essential Oils with Susan Hernandez and Christine Marie

Sacred Sounds in the Norse Tradition with Kaedrich Olsen

Outdoor toys, games, arts and crafts



Working with Lady Bash

Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creation with Chief Golden Light Eagle

Prosperity Magic with Deanna Stock

Swap and barter! Gather here to trade and barter with other festival attendees

Group Kid’s Games with Maddie


Crystal Grids with Chrissy Robinson

Spellcasting Basics with Melanie Marquis

Alchemy with Sean Carey

Gothic Fusion Open Ritual Dance with Sanctum Noir

Outdoor toys, games, arts and crafts


(go to the Drum Circle!)

(go to the Tournament of Wands!)

(go shopping and buy something!)

Open Drum Circle

Tournament of Wands


Opening Ritual with Denver Pagan Pride: Join us in an open ritual to kick off Denver Pagan Pride Day with an expression of gratitude for our blessings and a simple spellworking/setting of intentions for a successful festival full of fellowship and fun

Modern Druid Ritual with Chokecherry Grove, ADF: Join Chokecherry Grove in an open ritual to honor the Deities, receive an omen, and share in a blessing. This is the ADF High Days ritual that is typically performed on eight sacred days throughout the year.

Gothic Fusion Open Ritual Dance with Sanctum Noir:Join Anna Volak of Sanctum Noir for a cleansing, empowering ritual followed by a demonstration of Gothic Fusion Belly Dance choreography. After you learn some new moves, everyone is invited to join in open free flow dancing! Sanctum Noir is an ongoing, empowering multilevel class held each week in Denver combining Yoga, Ritual, & Gothic Fusion Belly Dance for cathartic release to restore holistic energy.

Sacred Sounds in the Norse Tradition with Kaedrich Olsen: Sound, in ritual and folklore, was important part of Norse traditions. It is often overlooked in modern Heathen practice, due to many words not translated, or not translated well. In this workshop we will explore the ancient tradition of Galdr (singing the runes) in a modern context. We will look at clearing space, connecting with Higher self, evocation of deity, and manifestation of specific intentions, all through the use of sacred sound.

Drum Circle/Closing Ritual: Bring your drums to Pagan Pride Day and join in the drum circle! Every year, Denver Pagan Pride Day closes out the last hour of the festival with a drum circle that runs from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Just gather in the Ritual Space and start drumming at 3:00! Everyone is welcome and we will hopefully have a few extra percussion instruments on hand. Dancers are appreciated!
Fun and Games:
The Tournament Of Wands presented by imagineArea: Represent your family as a Child/Parent team and compete in the “Tournament Of Wands.” Take part in duels with other challengers using Magilus Wands from Challengers will compete for $50 in prizes and the coveted “Golden Magilus,” tournament trophy. Only 4 loaner wands will be available, so sign up now on the Facebook event @TheMagilus to reserve your spot.
Children’s Ritual with Maddie: Join Maddie in a basic Pagan ritual for children that will include calling the corners and a meditation and drawing of energy with a closing.
Group Kid’s Games with Maddie: Join in a scavenger hunt, or form a team and be the first to race to the directions!
Outdoor Toys, Games, Arts and Crafts: All day long, stop by the Fun and Games tent for arts and crafts including drawing, coloring, wand making, leaf collages and more, or grab some friends and use our frisbees, hula hoops, board games, and other fun stuff to start up a game. Everyone is welcome at the Fun and Games tent, but children MUST be accompanied by their adult at all times.


Pagan 101 with Andarta: Get an overview of what it means to be Pagan and explore the vast diversity of Pagan practices and beliefs.

Journey with Goddesses Meditation with Kimberly Braun: Give yourself the treat of dipping into a meditation that will take us all on a journey where five goddesses will meet us personally. They will not only console us with their presence, but will also bestow special healing and message for each of us, in the privacy of our own hearts. Kimberly Braun is a minister and meditation coach that has been devoted to meditation from the age of 5, with over ten of her years spent as a monastic nun. She teaches meditation at Samadhi Yoga and is the author of the book Love Calls.

The Hellenic Polytheist Ritual Calendar with Ann Hatzakis: Find out how the Hellenic Polytheist ritual calendar differs from the more well-known “Wheel of the Year” that many Pagans use.

Elemental Mandala Meditation- A Daily Practice with Tess Whitehurst: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit provide a beautiful framework for our inner balance and wellbeing. In this workshop, you’ll construct your own personalized meditation structure, with spirit guides, ancestors, deities, or other helpers of your choice anchoring the elemental energies at each of the cardinal directions, as well as below and above. This 3-dimensional mandala will provide a solid, inspiring template for your everyday spiritual and meditation practice. Bring a meditation cushion, or just sit on the earth. Tess Whitehurst is the founder and facilitator of the Good Vibe Tribe Online School of Magical Arts and an award-winning author of a number of books from Llewellyn Publications, including Holistic Energy MagicMagical Housekeeping, and The Magic of Trees.

Plants of Hoodoo with Calvin Carter: Join Calvin Carter on an exploration of common plants that can be used in the practice of Hoodoo.

Adaptive Tarot with the King of Wands: Learn how to turn chaos into order with The King Of Wands as he teaches his Adaptive Tarot system. See how he connects Cartomancy and Cleromancy using 3, 6-sided dice. Learn how to adapt Tarot into your own personal magick as he reveals long lost secrets of divination.

Crystal Grids with Chrissy Robinson: Join witchy woman Chrissy Robinson of Blue Hat Creations on an exploration of crystal grids and how you can use them for guidance and insight in your personal magickal and spiritual practices.

Fairy Magic with Puffin: Join in a discussion of fairies, fairy lore, and fairy magic with Puffin!

Shadow Working with Bash: Join Lady Bash on a journey into the shadows of the subconscious mind, and learn new ways to heal ill emotional health. Your emotional health affects your magick, and shadow working can help you move past blocks to achieve your fullest potential!

Dragon Meditation with Bobbie Jo Kuhl: Get in touch with the energy of dragons in this meditation led by Bobbie Jo Kuhl of Into the Mystic.

Spellcasting Basics with Melanie Marquis: Explore the basic framework of simple spellcastings using symbols, tarot, candles, or no tools at all. Melanie is the creator of the award-winning Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot (illustrated by Scott Murphy), and the author of several books from Llewellyn Publications including A Witch’s World of Magick, The Witch’s Bag of Tricks, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Witchy Mama (co-authored with Emily Francis). She also happens to be the local coordinator for the Denver Pagan Pride Day festival.

Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation with Chief Golden Light Eagle: Explore the universal and spiritual laws of creation and learn about 11:11 symbology with Chief Golden Light, founder of the Star Knowledge Conference.

Spirit Animals and Totems with Cody Little Bear: Explore spirit animals and totems and how they relate to our sense of identity, and learn how to work with these animal energies in magick

The Witch’s Compass with Hesperides Dracona: Join Hesperides Garden for a hands on lesson covering the Cardinal Directions.  We will discuss the attributes of each direction and complete a creative activity giving you a visual representation of your witch’s compass. Hesperides Garden is dedicated to connecting people and building a spiritual community of learning, sharing, teaching, and supporting.

Intro to Essential oils with Susan Hernandez & Christine Marie: Essential oils have been around for centuries. They are becoming more popular today as people are realizing their true benefits. Join Susan and Christine as they offer insight into the benefits of essential oils and how to shop for them!

Spirit Evocation with Frater Ashen Chassan: Learn about traditions of spirit evocation, from ancient Egypt and Greece to the European grimoires. Frater Ashen Chassan is a practicing occultist and grimoiric traditionalist who has been involved in traditional forms of Western ceremonial magic for over fourteen years. He is the author of Gateways Through Light and Shadow from Azoth Press.

Detoxing from this Reality with Amber Zeta: Tired of the constant stress and frustration of a reality based on fear, scarcity, and judgment? Ready to create beyond the hum drum systems of control? Join Amber Zeta, local witch, as she shares some practical tools to detox from the poisons and embrace the Magick! Learn how to cleanse yourself of all the toxic, negative energies we pick up from the hectic everyday world

around us.

Traditional Witchcraft with Julie Andaverde: Learn about Traditional Witchcraft and how it differs from Wicca. Presented by traditional witch and expert herbalist Julie of Ye Olde Magic Shoppe.

Alchemy with Sean Carey: Gain an overview of alchemy and how it relates to magical practice and spirituality with Sean of Ye Olde Magic Shoppe.

Meditation and Visualization for Personal Growth with Weston Donaldson: Join Weston Donaldson for a Samhain-themed guided meditation and visualization for personal growth. Weston moved to the Denver area 5 years ago and loves engaging with the bustle of city life, but also finds healing and peace in the mountains as often as possible. He identifies as a Pagan Ecclectic Witch and has been practicing for many years, both as a solitary and in community. 

Prosperity Magic with Deanna Stock: Join Deanna Stock for a workshop on incorporating prosperity magic and ritual into our daily lives.

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  1. Hi there!

    Will these rituals, fun and games and workshops be available to the public during the Pagan Pride Festival October 1st? Will I be able to take part?


    • Yes, absolutely! Pagan Pride Day festivals are always free and open to the public, and this includes the workshops, rituals, games, etc. You will however want some money to shop with!

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