2017 List of Vendors

Special Thanks to our 2017 BFF and VIP Sponsors!
Our BFFs:
Blessed Bea Necessaries: Altar supplies, crystals, sandwiches, snacks, and more!
Dragonfest: Dragonfest produces a retreat each summer that is based on Pagan and other earth-based religions. Stop by and find out what’s new for next year’s retreat!
Spirit and Stone Gifts: Spirit and Stone Gifts is a metaphysical store in Englewood located just south of Hampden at 3745 S. Broadway. They offer weekly classes and a broad range of metaphysical supplies and services including wands, altar pieces, crystals, incense, tapestries, readings, reiki, past life regressions, and much more!
Chokecherry Grove, ADF: Chokecherry Grove is a local chapter of ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin), a Druid Fellowship, that holds open public religious rituals throughout the year. They will be fostering community by offering information about their grove and ADF in general, and may also have some cookbooks and handmade jewelry on hand.
Herbs and Arts: Since 1993 Herbs & Arts has served Denver and the region, striving to be a place of healing & sanctuary to all who enter regardless of one’s beliefs. Located at 2015 E. Colfax in downtown Denver, they offer herbs, oils, books, candles, statuary, jewelry, and more.
Our VIPs:
Queen Mab’s Store: Handmade witch and wizard hats, hat accessories, and nerdy witchy accessories!
Nature’s Healing Energies: Intuitive readings and a selection of crystals from intuitive healer Adryanna
Denver Witches’ Ball: Denver’s premier Halloween masquerade ball and one of the most popular witchy events of the year, the Denver Witches’ Ball is happening October 28th, 2017 from 6p.m. to 1 a.m. Stop by the booth for tickets, info, or just to connect and say hi!
Additional Vendors:
Bella’s Umbrella: Steak street tacos and more!
Kona Ice of South Central Denver: Shaved ice with flavored syrups, bottled water, and cans of pop from Kona Ice!
Munchies: Organic, vegan, grain free treats including waffles, shakes, snack packs, and kombucha. A selection of box lunches might also be available.
Hesperides Dracona: Hesperides Dracona is a local group dedicated to helping create spiritual community. They’ll be offering chair massages, spells, handcrafted magickal tools and accessories, networking opportunities, and more! They will also be collecting gently used backpacks, coats, and sleeping bags for the homeless–please bring your donations to their booth! They will also be trading used wax for recycled candles, and hosting several new artists at their booth. Be sure to ask about their Shop Pagan program and drop off a business card. They highlight Pagan business owners, artists, organizations, and events weekly on social media.
Crux Ansata Oasis, OTO: OTO merchandise, oil of Abramelin, pendants, and stickers
Alexandria Temple (A.T.U.M.): Pagan prison ministry offering friendly fellowship and books for $1 donation
Amazon Sisterhood: The Amazon Sisterhood is a group of 40+ women across the country who create and facilitate Rites of Passage rituals and events to celebrate/guide women through difficult, transition life stages. The group has been offering an annual Moonrite for girls reaching menarche and their mothers/adult sponsors for over 20 years at local Colorado events and festivals. Stop by for information about the Amazon Sisterhood’s events and Rites of Passage, or simply stop by to reconnect. This booth will serve as a gathering place for those who have bonded together through experiences in the past who can no longer attend the camping festivals.
Living Earth/Beltania Retreat: Living Earth offers friendly, welcoming, Earth-centered open rituals, workshops, concerts, and classes year-round at Living Earth House in Denver, in addition to a large annual Pagan retreat called Beltania(May 17-20, 2018) held outside of Colorado Springs.
The Mountain Dragonfly: Jewelry and home decor with an earthy feel. Many designs have been especially created for this event!
Tess Whitehurst: Meet Llewellyn author Tess Whitehurst and pick up a signed copy of Magickal HousekeepingThe Good Energy Book, or another other of her best-selling titles! Learn how you can join the Good Vibe Tribe!
Dragon Baubles: Cloaks and capelets in unique styles from Dragon Baubles
Wisdom Tree: Rocks and crystals for people and pets
Heathen Wire Works: Jewelry, henna, drinking horns, feather accessories, and vinyl decals
Robin Wells Tarot: Tarot readings by Robin! Handstamped bracelets to correspond to readings are also available.
Goddess Envy: Metaphysical gifts and supplies, home decor, gift baskets for all life stages, and more
Reckless Reader Tarot: Many tarot and oracle decks to choose from, gifts, and tarot readings from the Reckless Reader herself!
Vixen Fringe/World Stone Emporium: Repurposed clothing, vintage finds, and jewelry created from rocks and minerals from around the world.
Crystal Mountain Designs: Handmade beaded necklaces, wire-wrapped crystals, gemstones, cabochons and more.
Mud and Moonbeams/Petals and Brimstone: Jewelry and wellness items, candles, heating packs, self-care items, and more.
HuluppuWear at Wildwoad Cauldron: Both fanciful and practical garments and festival wear.
Semper Fi Design: Unique designs in handcrafted jewelry, specializing in bead weaving and wire work, and featuring many designs with Pagan themes.
Ann Hatzakis: Stop by for information about Hellenion and the recently formed local Hellenion Proto-demos of Hera Akraia, or get a tarot or palm reading from Ann. A portion of the proceeds from these readings will be dedicated to the flood relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey.
Magdalena Tarot: Vintage and antique occult and astrology themed jewelry and other items, natural stones and gems, and tarot readings from Magdalena Tarot.
Pixi’s Potions and Pearls: Magical sprays and oil blends, jewelry, magical tools, and art
Practical Alchemy: Leather hats, masks, and other leather wearable art.
Winterhaven Jewelry: Handmade chainmail jewelry and accessories for all ages, occassions, and persuasions!
Drums and Treasures/D.A.S.H. Designs: Drums, clothing, figurines, wire-wrapped jewelry and more. Stop by and purchase a drum before the annual Pagan Pride Day drum circle at 3:00!
Bodhiella: Oil blends, spell kits, and author-signed books by Elizabeth Gardiepy, indie Pagan author of ten books including A Book of Lights and Shadows for the Seasoned WitchThrifty Witch, and Crystal Skull Magick.
Lady Sigyn Designs: Fashions plus unique fantasy jewelry and accessories including custom elf ear cuffs, circlets, handchains, pendants, and more.
JenMaChar/Phoenix Scents: Goat milk soaps and lotions from JenMaChar, plus jar candles, scented sachets, and rice bags from Phoenix Scents.
Meta Terra Designs: handmade metaphysical supplies, wire-wrapped crystal jewelry, woodburnings, dreamcatchers, and sage and palo santo cleansing bundles
Everyday Shamanism: Shamanic healing services including the chakra system, adrenal system, and luminous energy field, shamanic counseling, and free information about shamanism, shamanic training, and shamanic healing.
Heaven in Earth: Handcrafted wands, faery labrinths, rocks and crystals, crystal grid kits, handcrafted jewelry, unique art by a local artist, and mini-readings.
Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir: Tickets to choir performances, bottled water, and snacks
Verna Gonzales jewelry-making: Long feather earrings available for purchase, plus free 15-minute tutorials on the hour where you can learn to make your own feather earrings. A small donation to cover the cost of supplies is appreciated if you’re able.
imagineArea: Imaginative creations for the young at heart including Magilus wands, DragonStones color-changing dragon egg replicas, and Magilite charms (magick in a bottle), as well as divination dice and accessories.
Unicorn Collective/Magickal Mavens: Handmade bath and beauty products with spiritual vibes, crystal jewelry, dreamcatchers and more made with intention by females across the U.S. from Unicorn Collective, plus community events and information from Magickal Mavens blogger Katlin.
Chamber of Earth: A modge podge of Pagan supplies!
Sanctum Noir/Tarot Reader Lori Kamiyama: Find out about gothic infusion bellydance and yoga from Anna Volak of Sanctum Noir, or get a reading from tarot reader Lori Kamiyama.
Authors Gwen Clayton, Adriana Carlson, and Jodi L. Cox: Meet the authors and pick up signed copies of the paranormal thriller Fermata Cellars by Gwen Clayton from Rivervine Creative Network, the mythological fantasy The Story Weaver by Adriana Carlson, and the young adult steampunk fantasy novel Nether After by Jodi L. Cox.
Juniper Dreamcatchers/Gypsy Moon: Dreamcatchers, jewelry, and orgonite.
Ambrosia Candy Company/Pussyhats Galore: All-natural gourmet hard candies sourced from nature including fairy wands and wizard’s wands from Ambrosia Candy Company, plus iconic hats from Pussyhats Galore.
Apothecary Craft and Brew: Handmade, all-natural products including soaps, body scrubs, candles, loose-leaf teas, smudge spray, and art prints for witchcraft and magickal rituals or aesthetic.
Wild Wheels Creations: One-of-a-kind wood carvings and beadwork.
Into the Mystic Healing and Arts: Promoting self-care and awareness through a variety of healing services. Offering readings, metaphysical items, and more.
Pure Romance: Pure Romance offers a full range of supplies to enhance intimacy. They will be offering information about their line of products and will have some of their bath and body products and lingerie available for purchase.
Pads for Progress: Pads for Progress is an organization that collects and distributes feminine and personal hygiene products to women in need.
Miss Fit Girls: Miss Fit Girls offers community classes in yoga, cardio strengthening, and relaxation techniques specifically geared to teen minds and bodies.
Divina Diva Designs/The Wild Witch Shop: Gemstone Trees of Life, wrapped stones, and witches ladders working with natural stone energies from Divina Diva Designs, plus dreamcatchers, jewelry, spell bottles, and altar supplies from The Wild Witch Shop.
Candle’s Broom Closet: Nature-friendly, organic handmade soaps and bath and body products, miniature besoms, and a selection of ethically and sustainably sourced carved bone and taxiedermied products.
2 Gods Goods: Altar supplies, Pagan holy water, crafts, snacks, and drinks.
Happy Healthy Human/Skull and Stones: Essential oils, herbal salves, and serums from Happy Healthy Human, plus custom jewelry made from hematite and other natural stones from Skull and Stones.
A Tree Spirit Girl: Handmade jewelry, Himalayan salt lamps, and air plant terrariums from the Tree Spirit Girl.
In Cahoots: Whimsical wire-wrapped pendants, mojo cards, and Elec”tick” desk clocks
Be Weird, Make Money: Learn how to make money by putting your own talents and interests to use! Pick up a copy of Kimberly’s Halloween business book, or get a one-on-one consultation about your business idea at just a $1 a question.
Earthly Arts and Henna: Essential oil diffuser bracelets made with lava stones, essential oils, and temporary tattoos and facepainting with glitter and henna.
Bash Blends: Magical blends from the inspirational and sensational Lady Bash!
Howard’s Herbal Helper: Custom remedies for every ailment crafted by a certified herbalist. Salves, teas, syrups, balms, lotions, capsules, tinctures and more.
Little Bear Medicine/Horns and Pebble: Indigenous/Native-American medicines, incense and smudge tools, malas, jewelry and other altar and spiritual items
Khadovar Chainmail: High-quality chainmail creations from Khadovar Chainmail
Awakened Alliance of Colorado: A Colorado-based organization
ColoradoPagans.com: Connect with others, keep track of events, reserve tickets to your favorite shows and more on this secure social network for Pagans, musicians, artists, and other awesome people looking to make friends and find fun things to do.
Crafting Fever: Handcrafted jewelry including chainmail, woven beadwork, wirework, copper and silver filled wire, semi-precious stones, leather and mixed media pieces.
Carrieann’s Creations: Beaded jewelry including earrings and necklaces, plus Reiki demonstrations from Reiki Master Carrieann.
Witchcrafts Supernatural Gifts/Heaven in a Box Shoes: Unique jewelry,
 handcrafted shoes, accessories, bottled water and prepackaged snacks!
Sacred Self Prayer and Affirmations: A selection of cards featuring prayers and affirmations for peace, love, strength, light, patience, unity, health and joy, all in handmade pouches.
NUGE: NUGE creates organic reminders of our lost connection with the earth.
Gypsy Healing Garden: Handmade jewelrey, minerals and stones, crystal grid cloths, handmade gypsy clothing, herbs including sage, palo santo, copal and sweetgrass, singing bowls, and an array of gifts for the body, mind and spirit.
Access Consciousness Bars: Would you like more Ease, Joy, and Magick in your life? Then try out this hands-on modality that allows you and your body to receive more, release baggage and old energy patterns, and create new pathways to your True You! Join Amber Zeta, Gena Meyer, Zanda Trujillo, and others to experience the Bars.
Ye Olde Magic Shoppe: A selection of handcrafted herbal oils, metaphysical supplies, books, and more from this full-service magick shop and apothecary.
Frater Ashen Chassan: Talismans, incense burners, mirrors, magic circles, services and more from Ceremonial magician and occultist Frater Ashen Chassan, author of Gateways Through Light and Shadow from Azoth Press.
Practical Magic Now: Unique wands, staffs, and walking sticks.
M&M Boutique: Fashionable clothing from LuLaRoe.
Tree Leaves Oracle: Your source for all things faerie, fantasy, medieval, Viking, Pagan, and folk! Clothing, gifts, crafts, jewelry, art, and more.
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