2018 Vendors List

Here is a list of our current vendors for Denver Pagan Pride Day 2018. Many more will be added as registrations and payments are received.


Skull n Stones with Evolv: Skull n Stones offers handmade jewelry with wire wrapped stones and other unique gifts. Evolv is a joint project between Skull n Stones owner Eric and Denver Broncos alumni Mark Jackson. Evolve promotes healthy lifestyle eating habits through education and products with natural ingredients. While creating a healthy living structure, they also provide the same nourishment for orphaned children around the globe through their buy 1, nourish 2 program. We are pleased to welcome Skull n Stones and Evolv as VIP sponsors of Denver Pagan Pride 2018!

Dragonfest: Dragonfest is a long-time supporter of Pagan Pride and hosts one of the largest and most popular outdoor annual Pagan gatherings in Colorado. Stop by for a selection of T-shirts, bags, and info on the next Dragonfest retreat!

Other Vendors and Services:

Tarot Readings by Robin: Tarot readings and gemstone bracelets to match the energy of the reading.

Hesperides Garden: Community resources, altar tools, kids items, handmade goods, and more.

Earthly Arts: Face paint, henna, and glitter tattoos, plus handmade diffuser bracelets made out of lava and natural stone beads.  The lava is porous and absorbs essential oils so the fragrance stays with you.

MetaTerra Designs: One-of-a-kind crystal jewelry with healing and other metaphysical properties.

Falias Custom: Artwork, Wiccan ritual tools, novelties, herbal bath products, and more. Custom-made artwork and other items are also available for commission!

Chrissy Robinson: Handmade magickal jewelry, runes, wands, prayer beads, and Pagan accessories.

Gypsy Healing Garden: Handmade metaphysical items, crystal grid cloths, crystals, stones, handmade clothing, fresh lavender, sage and much more.

Semper Fi Design: Handcrafted jewelry, wirework and beadwoven designs, many with Pagan/Wiccan themes.

Spiraled Stone Jewelry: Wire wrapped jewelry including pendants, earrings, and rings.

Dragonfly Spirit Designs: Handmade jewelry, essential oils, incense, and soaps. Learn more and preview products at Tanwens Wiccan Kitchen.

White Witch Level-Up/Bash Blends: Lady Bash offers stone readings using chakra stones, channeling and mediumship services, and chakra balancing in the Usui Reiki tradition. White Witch Level-Up and Bash Blends specializes in providing a variety of kits for the modern spellcaster. Designed upon ancient teachings for the needs of a modern witch, you’ll find kits for all levels of practitioner from novice to master alike. Kits range from spell-casting, sacred space, goddess, elemental, crystal, divination, ritual, energy clearing, and much more.

Everyday Shamanism: Offering shamanic healing, plus educational opportunities and information about shamanism.

Readings by Andarta: Tarot readings and spiritual guidance with Andarta.

Pillars of Spiritual Ministry: Stop by for information on Pagan Leadership Training and 2nd and 3rd-degree training programs.

VIXENFringe: Repurposed clothing, vintage clothing and accessories, hand cut rocks and minerals made into jewelry, and hand-turned wooden bowls.

Crone’s Cupboards Co.: Altar cloths and bags, rocks, runes, local art, cocheted items, handsewn creations, magickal tools, and many more unique handmade items to love and use.

Wild Wheels Creations: Beaded items including hat bands, earrings, and intention setting beaded glass bottles.

Third Eye Coven: All natural lotions, bath products, and beauty products.

Pixi’s Potions & Pearls: Essential oils, smudge sticks, and healing sprays made with sage and mugwort.

Apothecary Craft & Brew: Crystal candles, ritual teas, bewitched soaps, magical body scrubs, smudge mists, art prints, a variety of crystals, and their very own Pocketbook of Spells. Their products are handmade with magical intention for maximum success in spellwork with natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients!

Chokecherry Grove ADF: Chokecherry Grove is a local chapter of ADF: Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc., an international nonprofit neopagan religious organization. Stop by for information and browse a selection of books.

Magickal Mavens:  Stickers, clothing, intention candles and ticket sales for their charity event, Wicked Revel.

Ortu Lunae: Cloaks, pendulum boards, crystal grids, and flower crowns.

The Magickal Dragonfly: Handcrafted Pagan themed and fantasy items with machine embroidery designs, plus a selection of natural oils and salves.

Betwixt the Green: Multi-media assemblage artist featuring Faery, Wood Spirit, and mermaid themed art including wearable jewelry, hair wreaths, faery tea cups and more. Pieces are crafted with a mixture of vintage, new, and natural materials such as moss, acorns, and feathers.

eMs Creations: Handmade items and artwork including paintings, dreamcatchers, hanging herb dryers, jewelry, runes, magical tools, handmade trinket bags and satchels, cloaks and aprons, handpainted boxes, drinking glasses, kitchen witch spoons, cutting boards, gifts, and much more.

Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir: Stop by for information on their upcoming season, or ask how you can join the group! CDs and bumper stickers are also available.

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